Posting Tip

If your post won’t format the way you would like, write out your post in a Microsoft Word document. Copy your post from the Microsoft Word document. Go back into your WordPress posting, right-click, and click “past as plain text” to post. Any bold or italics you created in the Word document will not carry over, but can be re-done in the WordPress editor.

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Posting to the Forum

To post to the forum, as shown here, send an email to: This is a randomly-selected, unique email address that will display posts here on the ‘Home’ tab of the forum.

Please Remember:
1) The subject line of your email will be the ‘title’ of your post, and the body of the email will be the actual posting
For example, “Posting to the Forum” would be the subject line of this email, and the message would be the body of the email
2) Remove any signature line you may have set up on your email account. Signatures will show up as a part of the body of your posting
3) Remember to sign your post! Leave a name, contact phone number, farm address or anything else you would like to get responses to your posting.

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